Let It Please: Saw It Up (PT. 1&2) Dawn Of The Living Dead Doo Doo Doo (Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo Doo) They've Opened Up The Closed-Up Shop Say Today Is Your Birthday I've Mismanaged Things Everyone Thinks Clarity ContrĂ´le Constancy and Patience
Torch and Swan: Alone Solo Song For Maura Morrow Screech Owl The Blood In My Brain Has Been Cursed Pandora Blues Atlantic Blue-Face Blues Twilight's Turquoise Delight Swan Island Lullabye World War Three The Butcher Bird Stomp Alone With Band The Feathered Way
21st Century American: A Train Named Hiawatha Last Nights Dream Underground Juke Joint Rotary Phone Clawfoot Tub A Train Named Ninety-Three Remote Control Giant Eventide Clockworks A Ship Named Eclipse Bad Dream Blues Memories Are Just A Day Away
Bloodsucker Blues: Let Go Mosquito Blues Monkey Blues Bystander Blues Swollen Dam Breakdown Blues Weird Sister Blues Belshazzar Blues Poison Snake Blues Failure She Bat The Sheep Are Wet With Dew Fleur de Lys Blues
Alphabetical: Alone Solo Alone With Band A Ship Named Eclipse Atlantic Blue-Face Blues A Train Named Hiawatha A Train Named Ninety-Three Bad Dream Blues Belshazzar Blues The Blood In My Brain Has Been Cursed Bystander Blues Clawfoot Tub Eventide Clockworks Failure The Feathered Way Fleur de Lys Blues Last Nights Dream Let Go Memories Are Just A Day Away Monkey Blues Mosquito Blues Pandora Blues Poison Snake Blues Remote Control Giant Rotary Phone Screech Owl She Bat The Sheep Are Wet With Dew A Ship Named Eclipse Song For Maura Morrow Swan Island Lullabye Swollen Dam Breakdown Blues (A) Train Named Hiawatha (A) Train Named Ninety-Three Twilight's Turquoise Delight Underground Juke Joint Weird Sister Blues World War Three